A second giant ‘hole’ has opened on the sun, could send 1.8 million mph solar winds towards Earth

Photo: NASA (Fair Use)

A colossal opening has emerged on the sun’s surface, potentially unleashing solar winds traveling at a speed of 1.8 million mph towards Earth by Friday.

This development comes in the wake of identifying a coronal hole on the sun, measuring 30 times the size of Earth, Yahoo News reported via Business Insider.

While the initial ‘hole’ is moving away from us, a massive coronal hole, spanning about 18 to 20 Earths’ diameter, has now become visible.

Coronal holes emit solar winds that have the potential to cause harm to satellites, while also producing magnificent auroras if they manage to reach Earth.

This specific hole does not pose a threat to infrastructure, according to scientists. However, it may contribute to triggering auroras in certain regions across the globe.

Written by staff