Tim Scott announces presidential exploratory committee

Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC (Fair Use)

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, announced on Wednesday that he is taking a significant stride towards running for the presidency by launching a presidential exploratory committee.

In a video that was initially shared with Fox News, Scott emphasized his message of faith, hope, and unity, declaring that he will “never back down in defense of the conservative values that make America exceptional.”

The senator filmed the video at Fort Sumter National Monument, the island fort that defended Charleston, South Carolina, where the first battle of the Civil War occurred, Fox News reported in an exclusive article.

Scott, who was raised in the Charleston area, selected this location on the 162nd anniversary of the Civil War’s start to launch his presidential exploratory committee.

In the video, Scott stresses that winning the fight ahead will require faith in God, faith in each other, and faith in America.

Written by staff