Bandits steal two tons of gold from Toronto Airport

Photo: U.S. Sun (Fair Use)

Thieves executed an audacious heist reminiscent of the movie Ocean’s 11, stealing a container filled with bullion worth a staggering £12 million from Canada’s busiest airport on Monday. Canadian authorities are now working to recover the stolen gold.

The daring heist that took place at Toronto Pearson International Airport is being compared to a Hollywood movie, and is one of the boldest thefts in the history of the province of Ontario, the U.S. Sun reported.

Initially, reports suggested that the stolen gold weighed around 3,600lb, which would have been worth over £84million. However, local authorities now estimate that the thieves made off with £12million worth of gold.

The theft has captured the attention of the entire nation as authorities race against time to track down the stolen goods.

The plane carrying the gold arrived at the airport on April 17 and was offloaded to a secure warehouse on the premises before it could be transported to various markets around the world.

Despite the tight security measures, the cunning thieves managed to intercept the “high-value container” and drove off with the loot.

Authorities are currently in a frantic search for the masterminds of the daring heist, which has left the Royal Canadian Mounted Police scrambling to find clues.

No arrests have been made so far, and officials have not provided any information on possible suspects. Police are reportedly investigating whether a local gang was involved in the heist.

Investigators suspect that the robbers may have used a heavy-duty truck to make their getaway, given the amount of gold stolen, as reported by the U.S. Sun.

It is unclear how the gold was taken from inside the airport, and a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority declined to comment further, citing the ongoing police investigation.

Written by staff