Global Militaries Converge on Sudan as Violence Escalates

Photo: MARWAN ALI (Fair Use)

The conflict in Sudan between General Mohammad Fattah al-Burhan’s Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and General Mohamed Mamdan Dagalo’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has escalated, with tens of thousands of fighters involved in the battle for control of the country’s capital, Khartoum.

The ongoing conflict follows a military coup that overthrew the country’s prime minister 18 months ago. As the situation worsens, global military powers, including the United States, are converging on Sudan, US News reported.

The Biden administration announced plans to deploy military capabilities to the region, likely from its existing base in Djibouti, to prepare for a potential evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum if the violence escalates.

Meanwhile, Russia has steadily increased its military influence in Sudan through the private mercenary group, the Wagner Group, which seeks to advance President Vladimir Putin’s strategic goals, including securing gold-mining rights and establishing a Russian military base on the Red Sea.

Despite concerns expressed by leading Republicans in Congress, including fears of a botched evacuation, the U.S. military deployment aims to protect Americans in the region. However, it is crucial to note that there is no indication that either side is targeting Americans intentionally.

Written by staff