AP: Fighters rampage in Darfur city despite Sudan truce

Photo: CNN (Fair Use)

A wave of armed fighters unleashed chaos upon the city of Genena in Sudan’s war-torn region of Darfur on Thursday, engaging in fierce battles among themselves and engaging in looting of shops and homes, according to local residents.

This outbreak of violence occurred despite a fragile three-day truce negotiated between Sudan’s top generals, whose power struggle has resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, the Associated Press reported.

The situation in Genena highlights the alarming spillover of the rival generals’ struggle for control in the capital, Khartoum, leading to violence and instability in other parts of Sudan.

While the cease-fire has brought some relief, with a noticeable decrease in hostilities in Khartoum and its neighboring city of Omdurman, this marked the first respite since clashes erupted between the military and a rival paramilitary force on April 15.

The confrontations had transformed residential neighborhoods into battlegrounds.

The temporary calm has allowed foreign governments to evacuate hundreds of their citizens via airlift, while tens of thousands of Sudanese have fled Khartoum, seeking safer havens or attempting to escape the country altogether.

The escalating turmoil continues to pose significant challenges to the stability and security of Sudan.

Written by staff