Buried treasure, including nearly 200 Roman coins, found in Italy

Photo: Alberto Cecio/Soprintendenza Archeologia (Fair Use)

In Livorno, Italy, archaeologists are unraveling an intriguing mystery that began with a remarkable discovery, CNN reported.

During a hike in a cleared section of a Tuscan forest northeast of Livorno, a member of the Livorno Paleontological Archaeological Group stumbled upon a few glimmering coins in the soil in November 2021.

As the team conducted a closer examination and began excavation work, they were astonished to find a cache of 175 silver Roman denarii coins.

What made this find even more extraordinary was the fact that nearly all the coins were in excellent condition, making it one of the rare instances of an ancient coin hoard discovered fully intact, as per the group’s findings.

However, this fascinating discovery has given rise to numerous questions: Whose treasure did these coins once belong to?

Who were the individuals trying to conceal it from? And what circumstances prevented them from reclaiming their hidden wealth?

As the investigation progresses, archaeologists are diligently piecing together the puzzle, hoping to shed light on this captivating enigma from the past.

Written by staff