Navy hires activy-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive

Photo: Screen Shot / TikTok (Fair Use)

In an effort to address declining recruitment and attract a diverse workforce, the US Navy has appointed an active-duty drag queen, Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, as a “Digital Ambassador.”

Kelley, who identifies as non-binary and performs under the stage name Harpy Daniels, was the first of five Navy Digital Ambassadors selected for a pilot program that ran from October to March, the New York Post reported.

Kelley has chronicled their journey on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, where they shared how they began performing onboard and became an “advocate” for people who had been “oppressed for years in the service.”

In November, when announcing their appointment as a digital ambassador to their over 8,000 Instagram followers, Kelley wrote, “From joining in 2016 and being able to share my drag experience on my off time with my fellow sailors has been a blessing.”

“Thank you to the Navy for giving me this opportunity! I don’t speak for the Navy but simply sharing my experience in the Navy! Hooyah, and let’s go Slay!,” they said.

Written by staff