1,500 grams of cocaine fall out of woman’s fake pregnancy belly during South Carolina traffic stop

Photo: Anderson County Sheriffs Office (Fair Use)

Authorities in South Carolina have arrested two individuals who allegedly attempted to traffic illegal drugs using a false pregnancy belly.

According to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department, Anthony Miller and Cemeka Mitchem were engaged by deputies during a traffic stop last month.

Mitchem, who appeared visibly pregnant, caught the attention of the deputies, as reported by NBC News.

The sheriff’s office reported that Miller, the driver of the vehicle, was driving erratically on Interstate 85, zigzagging through traffic and narrowly avoiding a collision with an 18-wheeler.

Upon further investigation and separate questioning, both individuals provided conflicting information regarding Mitchem’s expected due date.

The sheriff’s department stated, “As Mitchem realized deputies were becoming more suspicious of her conflicting story, Mitchem immediately took off running and very quickly drugs fell from the fake rubber stomach.”

The two individuals have been arrested and face charges related to the alleged drug trafficking attempt. The investigation is ongoing.

Written by staff