Feinstein’s primary caregiver: Pelosi’s daughter

Photo: Politico (Fair Use)

Last week, when Senator Dianne Feinstein returned to the Capitol after a prolonged absence for medical reasons, she was accompanied by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a group of aides, and a close personal confidant with a notable political lineage.

Nancy Carinne Prowda seamlessly blended into the crowd surrounding the renowned California Democrat. Although the presence of Prowda, the eldest child of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was briefly mentioned by the San Francisco Chronicle, the larger role she has assumed in Feinstein’s life went largely unreported amidst the spectacle.

As Feinstein, at the age of 89, copes with the loss of her husband, the departure of trusted staff members, a severe case of shingles, and mounting concerns about her ability to fulfill her duties, Prowda has become an influential figure, Politico reported.

Not only did Prowda accompany Feinstein around Capitol Hill last week, but she was also by her side yesterday, assisting aides in creating a protective barrier around the senator in a Capitol hallway as a reporter attempted to speak with her.

Multiple sources familiar with the arrangement reveal that this visible presence is just one aspect of the quiet yet crucial role the Pelosi family has taken on to support the ailing senator, both in Washington and San Francisco.

The arrangement appears to be founded on a longstanding and amicable relationship between Feinstein and the Pelosis, who have been prominent figures in San Francisco politics.

However, among some who are aware of this arrangement, uncomfortable questions have arisen regarding whether Nancy Pelosi’s political interests may clash with Feinstein’s personal interests.

Written by staff