Colombia suspends cease-fire with holdout rebel group accused of killing 4

Colombia’s government announced on Monday the suspension of a cease-fire with rebels accused of killing four Indigenous individuals, including minors, who were attempting to evade forced recruitment in the southern part of the country.

The administration of President Gustavo Petro stated in a release that the military would resume operations against factions of the FARC-EMC group operating in the provinces of Caqueta, Putumayo, Guaviare, and Meta due to the group’s failure to honor the cease-fire agreement.

The statement emphasized that if a bilateral cease-fire fails to protect the lives and well-being of the population in specific territories, there is no justification for its continuation, the Associated Press reported.

Nonetheless, the government clarified that it will maintain the cease-fire with FARC-EMC in other regions where attacks on civilians have decreased.

It also expressed its intention to appoint delegates who will lead peace negotiations with the rebel group in the near future.

Written by staff