Epstein Appeared to Threaten Bill Gates Over Affair

Photo: Wall Street Journal (Fair Use)

According to individuals familiar with the situation, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly discovered that Bill Gates had engaged in an affair with a Russian bridge player and subsequently utilized this knowledge as a means to threaten the prominent billionaire.

The woman in question came into contact with the Microsoft co-founder around 2010, during her twenties. Epstein, on the other hand, met her in 2013 and later financially supported her attendance at a software coding school. In 2017, Epstein reportedly sent an email to Gates requesting reimbursement for the expenses incurred for the course.

The timing of this email coincided with Epstein’s failed attempts to convince Gates to participate in a multibillion-dollar charitable fund, which the convicted sex offender sought to establish in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Individuals who have seen the email suggest that its underlying implication was that Epstein could expose the affair if Gates did not maintain a connection between the two men.

A spokesperson for Bill Gates responded to the allegations, stating that Gates had solely met with Epstein for philanthropic purposes.

The spokesperson further asserted that Epstein’s unsuccessful attempts to leverage a previous relationship were an endeavor to threaten Gates after repeated unsuccessful attempts to engage him in other matters.

Written by staff