World on verge of new religion created by AI

According to historian Yuval Noah Harari, the world is on the brink of witnessing the emergence of a new religion generated by artificial intelligence.

Harari, famous for his bestselling book Sapiens, suggested that AI software like ChatGPT could draw followers by composing its own holy scriptures, the Daily Mail reported.

Speaking at a science conference, Harari noted that AI has achieved a significant breakthrough by “attaining mastery” over human language and was currently capable of employing it to influence human culture.

During the event, Dr. Harari joined the increasing demand for prompt regulation of the artificial intelligence sector, which experts have cautioned is presently involved in a “risky” arms race.

He stated, “In the future, we could witness the emergence of the initial cults and religions in history, whose sacred writings were created by a non-human intellect.”

At the Frontiers Forum gathering in Switzerland, Harari cautioned that machines possess the capacity to “envelop us in a Matrix-like realm of delusions,” making a reference to the 1999 science fiction film.

Written by staff