8 killed in Texas outlet mall shooting

Photo: AFP (Fair Use)

Following the tragic mass shooting at a Texas shopping mall, US President Joe Biden reiterated his plea on Sunday for a nationwide ban on assault weapons and the implementation of additional gun safety measures.

Witnesses, first responders, and law enforcement officials recounted harrowing scenes of panic and terror in Allen.

Disturbing video footage circulated online, revealing the assailant stepping out of a sedan in a parking lot at an outlet mall on Saturday, Breitbart News reported.

He proceeded to discharge a semi-automatic rifle, targeting innocent pedestrians in the vicinity.

A law enforcement officer who happened to be in the vicinity and was engaged in an unrelated assignment swiftly intervened and “neutralized” the shooter, as confirmed by the police.

Tragically, seven individuals, including the assailant, were declared deceased at the scene, while two others succumbed to their injuries while receiving medical treatment at the hospital, according to authorities.

As of Sunday morning, the Allen Police Department reported that three individuals remained in critical condition.

In an official statement released on Sunday evening, the Texas Department of Public Safety identified the suspected shooter as Mauricio Garcia, a 33-year-old resident of Dallas.

Written by staff