38 people injured in fire on 20th floor of New York City apartment building

Thirty-eight people were injured during a Manhattan apartment building fire that happened on Saturday morning, with authorities determining that a lithium-ion battery connected to a micro mobility decide is the cause for the blaze.

  • CNN – Of the injuries, two were critical, five were serious and the rest minor, Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said in a news conference. Officials did not release any further details about those injured.
  • GOTHAMIST – Officials received reports of fire and smoke from a residential building on East 52nd Street just before 10:30 a.m. Firefighters got the flames under control about an hour later, according to the fire department.
  • PIX11 – Officials said a lithium-ion battery was the cause of the fire. Residents remote from the fire were told to shelter in place until the fire units made their way up to the apartments.
  • CBS NEWS – Dan Flynn, the chief fire marshal, said a lithium-ion battery for an e-bike started the fire, which was located right behind the front door of the apartment. He said it appeared that someone in the apartment had been repairing e-bikes.