Pelosi says retirement decision ‘will be affected’ by attack on husband

Democratic California U.S. Representative and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said during an interview that the recent attack on her husband will affect the decision she makes regarding whether or not to retire from Congress should the Democrats lose control of the House in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

  • YAHOO NEWS – “I have to say my decision will be affected about what happened the last week or two,” Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in her first sit-down interview since the attack on her husband.
  • CNN – During Monday’s interview, Cooper asked Pelosi if she would confirm that she has made a decision, one way or another, about what she would do, noting that there has “been a lot of discussion about whether you’d retire if Democrats lose the House.” The speaker said the “decision will be affected about what happened the last week or two,” prompting Cooper to ask, “Will your decision be impacted by the attack in any way?” “Yes,” Pelosi said. “It will?” Cooper asked. “Yes,” Pelosi said again. 
  • POLITICO – The speaker also described on Monday, in greater detail than she has publicly, her experience of the early morning when her husband was attacked.
  • THE GUARDIAN – Pelosi, 82, also said the attack last month would affect her decision about whether to retire if Democrats lose the House in the midterm elections on Tuesday. Republicans are widely favoured to retake control of the chamber and possibly also the Senate.