Man killed by aggressive pet rooster

The daughter of a man killed by his pet rooster has warned of the dangers of aggressive poultry after the bird also attacked her young child.

Jasper Kraus, 67, suffered a heart attack after the bird plunged its spur into his leg, causing him to lose litres of blood.

Daughter Virginia Guinan, 33, says Jasper – a dad-of-two and grandad-of-two – was an experienced animal handler, and while attacks are rare, warned owners to watch out for signs of aggression.

Trainee healthcare assistant Virginia, from south Roscommon, Ireland, said: “You wouldn’t think a chicken can be dangerous – but they can be.

“It was a malicious attack, absolutely brutal. There were litres of blood all over the floor when I arrived.

“This particular bird was thought to be a nice and docile breed, and good for children. But this shows any breed can be dangerous. “Having pet chickens is a big thing for families now, especially getting children involved. “For this to happen is so rare and unbelievable, but it can happen.”

Retired horse trainer Jasper was out in his garden on April 28 last year when the rooster attacked from behind. He lost so much blood that it caused a secondary heart attack – and he passed away under an hour later.

Now Virginia is warning of the dangers of owning poultry – encouraging owners to watch out for signs of aggression.