Tijuana sewage pours through San Diego border canyons after recent pipe break

The article reports that sewage from Tijuana, Mexico, is flowing through canyons near the border into San Diego due to a recent pipe break. The break occurred in a pipeline that carries sewage to a treatment plant in Mexico.

The sewage is being carried by the Tijuana River and its tributaries into canyons in San Diego, where it poses a health hazard to people and wildlife.

The article also notes that the incident is the latest in a long history of cross-border sewage flows that have caused environmental and public health problems in the region.

Authorities are working to repair the pipe and contain the sewage, and local residents are advised to avoid contact with the affected waterways.

Millions of gallons of raw sewage from Mexico are gushing into San Diego through two canyons along the border, according to federal officials. The spill is coming from at least two pump stations that were forced to shut down after a construction crew last week inadvertently ruptured a major pipeline south of Tijuana.

Shorelines as far north as the Silver Strand were closed due to sewage contamination as of Wednesday, with the rest of the region’s coastline under the standard 72-hour rain advisory. South Bay beaches have been repeatedly shuttered as the result of winter storms that washed polluted flows through the Tijuana River watershed.

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