Dust storm causes fatal 60-car pileup in Illinois

On Monday morning, a dust storm wreaked havoc in central Illinois, resulting in a catastrophic 60-vehicle pileup on Interstate 55. Tragically, multiple individuals lost their lives, and dozens sustained injuries.

Illinois State Police received reports of the crash at approximately 10:55 a.m. local time near Milepost 76 in Montgomery County, located just south of Springfield, Accuweather reported.

Subsequently, state police confirmed the occurrence of multiple fatalities as a result of the massive collision. Moreover, over 30 individuals were injured and subsequently transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.

To ensure public safety and facilitate rescue operations, a 30-mile section of I-55 between Divernon and Farmersville was closed in both directions.

Authorities have anticipated that the closure will persist until Tuesday afternoon, causing significant traffic disruptions.

Startling video footage captured the aftermath of a disastrous collision, revealing multiple tractor-trailer trucks engulfed in smoke and heavy dust.

First responders valiantly fought against these hazardous conditions at the scene. Illinois State Police reported that the pileup involved 20 tractor-trailers and no less than 40 passenger vehicles, causing chaos and destruction. Furthermore, two of the tractor-trailers caught fire as a direct consequence of the crash.

Trooper Melissa Albert-Lopez emphasized the poor visibility caused by the blowing dust, urging traffic to find alternate routes to ensure safety.

The challenging circumstances prompted Montgomery County emergency management officials to request 10 helicopters and deploy several buses from a local school to assist stranded motorists, as reported by WAND-TV.

Emergency crews swiftly responded to the crash on the northbound side, even as numerous collisions continued to transpire on the southbound lanes of I-55.

The situation demanded immediate attention from dedicated emergency personnel.

Written by staff