Judge Rules: Hunter Biden Required to Provide Financial Answers and Participate in Sworn Interview

In a significant development, an Arkansas County judge ruled on Monday that Hunter Biden is obligated to address inquiries regarding his financial matters and undergo an interview under oath in a child support case involving the mother of his daughter.

To fulfill this requirement, Hunter Biden will provide written responses to questions posed by the mother’s legal representation, Breitbart News reported.

This approach has the potential to uncover details about the Biden family’s international business endeavors and shed light on the circumstances surrounding Hunter’s art sales to anonymous buyers.

The judge further mandated that Hunter participate in a sworn interview scheduled for mid-June.

Additionally, a trial has been slated for July to assess whether adjustments should be made to Hunter’s child support payments, as he had previously requested in 2022.

According to CNN, Hunter is paying $20,000 per month, a calculation based on his income.

The ongoing legal dilemma surrounding Hunter Biden’s child support case has the potential to unveil crucial information regarding his financial gains linked to BHR Partners.

Notably, BHR Partners is a Chinese state-backed investment fund that was established shortly after Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden’s visit to China in 2013. Through an entity called Skaneateles LLC, Hunter held a ten percent stake in BHR Partners.

It is alleged that under mounting pressure to distance himself from BHR Partners due to a conflict of interest upon Joe Biden assuming the presidency, Hunter Biden relinquished his stake. The estimated value of his interest ranged from $420,000 to $20 million.

The unfolding legal proceedings have the potential to shed light on the specifics of Hunter Biden’s financial dealings with BHR Partners and provide further insight into the circumstances surrounding his divestment from the investment fund.

Written by staff